Story - COCO Nicotine Pouches
Not for people under the age of 25. This product contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance.

The History of the All-White Nicotine Pouch

All-white nicotine pouches originated from the Swedish Snus category about 15 years ago, with a simple ambition: to offer a nicotine experience without the typical drawbacks of tobacco. As time went by, the market grew attracting hundreds of brands offering almost identical products.

COCO was the Answer

In this myriad of similar products, COCO stands out as completely unique. We redefined the segment of tobacco-free nicotine pouches and strived for each pouch to provide a longer-lasting, more controlled nicotine and flavour experience similar to the traditional snus. This is achieved using naturally sourced materials and flavours, making COCO a unique snus/nicotine hybrid, blending the best of both worlds without compromise.

Born from Nature

Our journey started with a profound connection to nature. We strived to capture the feeling of authentic and natural flavours and combining them with a completely non-processed filler – coconut shells. The result was a pouch with mainly natural ingredients that enables a milder and longer-lasting nicotine release.

Crafted for You

When creating COCO Nicotine Pouches, every step has been carefully thought-out with you as the consumer in focus. Our dedication to natural ingredients ensures an authentic experience, free from artificial additives and excessive processing.

Fueled by

What really sets us apart from other nicotine pouch companies is our drive to constantly challenge, transform and never copy, which is also evident with our sister brand Cannadips – a pioneer in tobacco- and nicotine-free pouch innovation from California. It is the combination of Cannadips’ unique product formulation and exclusive flavour technology, in synergy with Scandinavian pouching expertise, that has propelled COCO. The result is a methodically crafted product designed for prolonged satisfaction and a remarkable all-around experience.


At COCO, we hold a profound commitment to natural flavouring. The core ingredients of our pouches consist of organic and fairtrade palm oil as well as naturally derived flavours and sweeteners. Our mission is to ensure that every pouch not only delivers flavour and nicotine, but also a unique tobacco-free experience for all our customers.

Nature harvested
in a pouch

We took what nature offered us to gave it right back to you in pouch form.