COCO Nicotine Pouches - The Smoothest Pouches Yet
Not for people under the age of 25. This product contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance.
A Natural Snus
The Modern Way
Vegan & Free from TobaccoGlutenSugarSoy
A Natural Snus
The Modern Way
Vegan & Free from
Made with Coconut Fibres
Natural Flavouring
Long Lasting & Smooth Release
Free From Tobacco
Keeps Teeth Stain-Free
COCO is the only tobacco-free snus product made with a 100% natural filler – coconut fiber. The fiber comes from the shell of the coconut and its unique texture enables a more controlled and long-lasting release of both aromas and nicotine. All to deliver a snus experience that is longer lasting making it more economical and sustainable. COCO is available in eight variants with two different strengths and seven flavours.
The First Hybrid Pouch
The vision behind COCO has been to develop a product that merges the benefits of traditional tobacco snus with those of the new all-white alternatives. The outcome is a perfectly moist pouch that fits comfortably in the mouth, providing prolonged flavor and nicotine delivery without the drawbacks of tobacco, such as bad breath or staining. This modern snus hybrid seamlessly combines both experience and function.
Why Coconut Fibres?
Our mission to find a natural substitute with similar properties to tobacco proved to be a tough one and it took us almost a year to crack it. Grated coconut shell turned out to effectively carry and at the same time gradually release both aromas and nicotine in a way that resembles traditional snus. Additionally, the fibers are also activated by the heat and moisture present in the mouth, extending the duration of the nicotine and flavor experience.
Natural ingredients
Our goal is to produce COCO using only natural ingredients, but certain e-numbers cannot be avoided in order to ensure the quality and longevity of the products. All the main ingredients, in addition to the coconut fibers, are of course carefully selected, like certified organic and sustainable palm oil, natural sweeteners and flavours.
Classic Collection
Our collection of standard strength products comes in four flavours.
Gluten Free
Soy Free
Sugar Free
Mighty Collection
Our latest High Nicotine addition with new summer flavours.