COCO Nicotine Pouches - The Smoothest Pouches Yet
Not for people under the age of 25. This product contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance.
A Natural Snus
The Modern Way
Vegan & Free from TobaccoGlutenSugarSoyStain
A Natural Snus
The Modern Way
Vegan & Free from
Made with Coconut Fibres
Natural Flavouring
Long Lasting & Smooth Release
Free From Tobacco
Keeps Teeth Stain-Free

COCO Nicotine Pouches are expertly designed using coconut fibres, ensuring a sustained and smooth delivery of both nicotine and flavours. Eschewing overly processed plant-based fibres, we infuse the coconut fibres in COCO pouches directly with nicotine and natural flavourings, maintaining your teeth’s natural whiteness just like their clear counterparts.

Enjoy an enduring release of nicotine and exquisite flavours, offering more than an hour of satisfaction. Explore the unique benefits of COCO Nicotine Pouches – a more lasting, natural, and smoother option for your nicotine pouch experience.

Why use
Coconut Fibres?

Coconut (coir) fibres, derived from the outer husk of the coconut fruit, facilitate a slow and steady release of contents in COCO Nicotine Pouches. The distinctive release mechanism is attributed to the highly porous nature of the coconut fibres, which serve as an ideal medium for the seamless dissemination of nicotine and flavours contained within the COCO pouches. Additionally, the warmth and moisture present in the mouth activate the fibres, extending the duration of the nicotine and flavour experience.

How are
COCO Flavours

At COCO, we place natural flavors at the heart of our nicotine pouches by carefully choosing ingredients like organic palm oil, natural sweeteners, and flavours derived from nature. Our delicious flavours are enriched by our partnership with Cannadips, a leader in crafting natural flavoured pouch products.

Free from artificial additives and synthetic chemicals, COCO delivers an authentic and pure taste of nature in each pouch, ensuring a genuine and delightful experience.

The Smoother
Nicotine Pouch

COCO Nicotine Pouches present a refined journey into the realm of nicotine, thanks to the remarkable qualities of coconut fibres. These distinctive fibres ensure a consistent and elegant release of nicotine and flavours, offering a satisfying and prolonged experience.

Unlike other brands that may offer a fleeting intense sensation, COCO’s innovative use of coconut fibres guarantees a stable and engaging experience with nicotine. Join us on a seamless adventure and enjoy the continuous delight provided by our pouches.

Classic Collection

Unveil a universe of unparalleled and diverse flavours in our Classic Collection.

Gluten Free
Soy Free
Sugar Free
Mighty Collection

Experience the dynamic rush of the Mighty Collection, offering a bold punch that elevates your experience.

Immerse yourself
In an assortment of
flavourful adventures

Dive into an unparalleled authentic ambiance with COCO’s meticulously crafted pouches. Unwind and relish the pure joy of a smooth and satisfying nicotine voyage. Treat yourself to our naturally captivating flavours, designed to enhance your day significantly.